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28-12-2016, 17:01
Ireland 200 years after the 'Great Fail'. The country is divided. The Northern Zone led by Fergus and tightly ruled. Everywhere else is The Wilderness. Fergus (Mark Savage) is the leader of the Northern Zone. His father led the Zone before him. His eldest son, Cathal (Philip Coffey) will lead after him. Fergus is accused of a murder that he did not commit. He is exiled to the Wilderness. Driven by duty rather than choice Cathal and his younger brothers Cet (David Nolan) and Cormac (Stuart Mackey) go with Fergus. Father and sons travel by foot across the dangerous Wilderness searching for Meadbh, mythical leader of the Wilderness. If they can find her, Fergus believes she will give them some sanctuary as they now have nothing. They quickly become lost. Cathal becomes increasingly angrier by the choices Fergus makes continue to put them in danger. Fergus's time is over and Cathal strives to make his mark on the world. Set in the magnificent edge of Europe landscape of Connemara this is ..

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