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19-02-2017, 00:15
The Great Wall is a 2016 epic historical fiction action-adventure monster film directed by Zhang Yimou. During the Song dynasty, a few miles north of the Great Wall, William, Tovar, and three other survivors from a European mercenary group searching for black powder are pursued by Khitan bandits, who have already killed the rest of them. Upon escaping they seek refuge in a cave but are then attacked by a shadowy monster, leaving only William and Tovar alive, the former having slashed off the monster's hand. The next day, they stumble upon the Great Wall and are taken prisoner by Chinese soldiers, who are led by General Shao, General Lin, and Strategist Wang.
The officers have been preparing for a monster invasion which happens every sixty years, and have trained five special units: Bear Troop, Tiger Troop, Eagle Troop, Deer Troop and the Crane Troop. However, they are shocked upon seeing the monster's hand, identified as a member of the Taotie species, as they believed the invasion was still weeks away. Suddenly, a wave of monsters attack the Great Wall, and the soldiers respond with their own special attacks.

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